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Published Work: Real Maine Weddings, Boston Globe, Maine Magazine, Maine Home + Design Magazine, & UPNorth Magazine

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Hi there! I am a New England based photographer born and raised on a large lake located in a small town in Maine. The past six years, camera-in-hand, have been wonderful. To me, photography is more than a job, a dream, or a lifestyle. It is my way of making sense of everything that exists around me, and because of that, I produce with my heart. My style is anything but ordinary, infused with emotions & truth. I tend to bring out the realness in my clients. I love natural light- I'm often chasing the golden hour and placing the sunlight just so to ensure your best light & look! My down-to-earth personality and personable approach to interacting with individuals creates a very relaxing environment and allows for creativity. When your session begins I am all yours & you become my muse. We work as equals to bring life to your vision for your photographs. 



Did you know a photographer can be more than the one capturing your moments? 
Double H Photo adores each and every couple we meet and share this time with. Because of that, we pride ourselves on providing help with organization, the ins and outs, plus everything in between! Our wedding expertise can help create a more relaxed environment and a sense of ease your special day. 



Tara Clark is a professional blogger who comes along on all wedding adventures and keeps a journal throughout the day to later recreate your wedding here on my website! Her blog, along with your wedding photos, is a great way for you and your loved ones to re live your big day! 

Tara Clark is a Maine native, having lived in Portland and currently residing in Bath. She graduated with a BA in English from University of Southern Maine. Blogging is her primary writing style, but also enjoys creative non-fiction and poetry. She's a self professed "literary geek" and often speaks in literary quotes and song lyrics. She's on a mission to own (and read) every play written by Shakespeare. Tara cultivates a few other interests, her favorite is traveling. Her most recent endeavor to Europe included: Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands and Ireland. 


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"Double H Photo captures a story in every shot. A picture book for adults with no need for words. Click on a photo and you can feel the scene. Noise in the background, the feel of a light breeze, the sound of laughter, the feelings of love and most of all Art....living, breathing, Art. Phenomenal talent...something that can't be taught in school. It's a gift. A gift that Double H has been blessed with..."
-Heidi St. Jean