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Meet Hannah!
Owner & Photographer

Hi there! I am a New England based photographer born and raised on a large lake located in a small town in Maine. The past nine years, camera-in-hand, have been wonderful. To me, photography is more than a job, a dream, or a lifestyle. It is my way of making sense of everything that exists around me, and because of that, I produce with my heart. My style is anything but ordinary, infused with emotions & truth. I tend to bring out the realness in my clients. I love natural light- I'm often chasing the golden hour and placing the sunlight just so to ensure your best light & look! My down-to-earth personality and personable approach to interacting with individuals creates a very relaxing environment and allows for creativity. When your session begins I am all yours & you become my muse. We work as equals to bring life to your vision for your photographs.


Meet Jen!
Associate Photographer

Jen Jones has a very photojournalistic approach with realness and truth in her work. She works hard to bring to life a story in the delivery of images. I enjoy tying our two styles together!

Our super power?
Having a sincere shared passion to always put our best foot forward in a both professional and creative form. We work easily together, hand-in-hand, to create.

Fun Facts about Jen!
She’s addicted to bear hugs, infectious laughter and cupcakes!

“Oh, hey! I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the Double H team and to bring my enthusiasm and love for capturing magical moments to every wedding and session with Hannah.” -Jen


Meet Nick!


Nick is a photographer, videographer, and storyteller of Life in Focus. He specializes in Maine wedding videography, as well as travel, landscape and portrait photography & videography in and around Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts as well as all over the world!

His favorite places to film & photograph: his hometown of York, Maine, Acadia National Park, Los Angeles, and Oahu, Hawaii!

While Nick runs & operates his own wedding company, Life in Focus, Nick and Hannah have been partnering up for the past 5 wedding seasons to deliver both photos & video!

Nick Eaton | Life in Focus | Videography


Meet Tarah!

Double H assistant + all things awesome!

Tarah too has a love & passion for photography! She’s eager to learn & love alongside the Double H team.
You will most likely find her next to Hannah providing assistance to ensure things go smoothly for not only Hannah but for you! Her positive outlook and calming vibes add a helpful energy!

Fun Facts about Tarah!
She likes to wander the woods, hanging out with four legged friends, and cooking up delicious dishes!


We want to hear from you- we look forward to it! 


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