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Marty & Bill Eloped to York, ME!

Marty & Bill traveled to York, Maine to say I do surrounded by the ocean with the sound of waves. The couple from Vermont wanted a quiet, romantic experience for their special day- so to Maine they came! If you have spent any time on York Beach you know just how tranquil and special it can be- perfect elopement location. Marty and Bill chose their spot to stand based on the rocks- a heart rock to be exact. They were married by Julie Draper of York (who by the way does the most incredible, heartfelt ceremonies)- it was my first time meeting her and I am looking forward to the first time I get to recommend her!
The newly married couple stayed local at the Stage Neck Inn; enjoying drinks and dinner after we took some time photographing along the water’s edge.

I simply could not enjoy capturing elopement’s more! Thank you for the time spent, Marty and Bill.

All my love,

“The sea beckoned to me, and all reality was lost—swept away in the entrancing song of the tide.”
-Meredith T. Taylor

Special shoutouts
Bouquet by: Gretchen @ York Floral Shop
Hair+Makeup by: Lauren Kinton @ Esse Salon
Personal rings made by: Marie-Josee Lamarche @ Alchemy Jewelry Arts Gallery, VT

Mr.& Mrs. Ellis

MARCH 23, 2019

Oh Erica + Travis, your wedding could not have been any more enjoyable to photograph!
You two brought out all the stops to ensure that not only you had the best time, but your friends + family did as well!
Erica, I have always adored the heck right out of you so I had looked forward to your day for months. The day came and you were the bride I knew you’d be… drop-dead-gorgeous and carefree. Thank you from day 1 for always putting the trust in my creativity + profession to capture your day the way we were comfortable doing. We simply could not appreciate more the fact that you + Travis welcomed us so wholeheartedly and with love- this makes photographing such intimate times all the better.
Travis, what a ball you are! Jen mentioned on a few occasions how accommodating + easy you were to photograph. All of your thank you’s spoke volumes to your character + we appreciated you. Not to mention! How much fun you + your groomsmen made the day- never a dull moment! :)

We could carry on + on with all the love we have for you + how much fun we had!
We truly mean it when we say- keep in touch! We wish you all the love.

Could Erica’s shoes be anymore AWESOME?! We want a pair.

BOMBSHELL- am I right?!
Ally for the win on the hair + makeup!
Erica you seriously made for a stunning bride- all looks aside- you were happy + glowing!

THE WIND! Oh boy, the wind was out to play this day! However, we knew the best lighting was outside- so off we went! I have never laughed so hard photographing a bride the way I did with Erica in this wind storm! What a blast- and so very worth it.

The ceremony was so authentic! We loved the fact that your ceremony was so tailored to the two of you! You had us all laughing and crying at the same time.

Ohhhhh all the gushing. The editing process was one filled with,
“they are so connected- look how effortless they are here.”
+ tons of
“oh my word, this one”
Travis + Erica, we can all agree that the connection + romance that stands in your relationship is never left short. You two have so much play + laughter, love+passion.
I could have spent all day capturing you both- you truly made its easy.
But, again, THAT WIND!
So back inside we went to watch you dance as husband + wife for the first time.

We all remember it. So many of us side by side enjoying such a fun + lively night! You two surely lived up to the idea of wanting your reception to feel like an event we were all attending! There were times it felt as though we were shooting a live dance off - OR better yet- the most anticipated event of the season ;).
Your wedding was one to remember.

Be still our hearts. GAHHHH this light!
I am 99% sure these photos will go down as some of our favorites this year. We caught that sunset light at the most PERFECT time + nailed it!
We couldn’t resist adding in some black + white love for the moody effect!

Dear Erica + Travis,
We adore you
We will cherish your day
We look forward to watching your marriage grow
We love you.

All our best,
Hannah, Jen + Tarah

Shoutout to the Bridal Party!

SUSAN BROWNELL, Mother of the Bride
LLOYD BROWNELL, Father of the Bride

PEGGY ELLIS, Mother of the Groom
TORREY ELLIS, Father of the Groom
CHRISTOPHER BROWNELL, Brother of the Bride

Showing extra love to:
MIKE TOWLE, Officiating the ceremony
DJ BILL LYONS, Music & announcements
ALLY HOLMBOM, The Bride’s Hair & Makeup | Wedding Party Makeup
AMANDA CUST, Wedding Party Hair
SWEET’S COOKIES, Whoopie pies & whoopie pie cake

Treasures of 2018

My most beloved choices + treasures from 2018


-Experienced & captured by Hannah-

Jenna + Cam! Your elopement in Boothbay Harbor, ME at the Linekin Bay Resort was simply divine. The simplistic -yet extremely exciting and romantic vibes- made for the most loved elopement of 2018. I simply adored the way you allowed for the landscape and the company surrounding you to be the vision of what was most important to you both. Some of my most favorite photos of the year were taken on your big day & I will forever cherish them. Thank you to you & your family for welcoming us so kindly and allowing for total creative freedom.

OH! And how special were the readings from both of your mom’s?! I felt honored to share the space.


-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

Wedding gowns are one of the most exciting parts to a wedding day for us!
We love showing up and being some of the first to see THE DRESS :).
I remember how sleek and perfectly fitting Vicki’s dress was. The low dip back with a stream of buttons was to die for! The detailing on the cap sleeves were incredibly romantic and just subtle enough to tie in the dramatic flow of the train. The dress alone was a pleasure to photograph and then Vicki wore it…runway material she was. I remember wanting more time to take her portraits because I just couldn’t get enough of how stunning it was and how well she wore it.
Chelsie’s dress was a perfect balance between boho and classic. The long sleeves with lace and sheer fabric stole my heart immediately. Chelsie was such a humble bride- soft spoken & calming- BUT her dress spoke volumes and took a stand. My favorite part were the sleeves! I personally visualize myself wearing a gown made of sheer lace sleeves so I was instantly in love. The dress fit her well and couldn’t have been more perfect for her.


-Experienced and captured by Hannah, Robyn & Tara-

The Watson wedding was a very creative & visually pleasing wedding! James and Kylie decided on a Beauty and The Beast theme. James was the first groom I have photographed wearing white. I loved this look- so chic and classic. Something else I had never gotten the chance to shoot was a groom’s name sewn into his suit (only noticed on Pinterest and in fancy bridal magazine’s of course- but never in person). The little details made for such an eye-catching appearance for James on his big day. Right down to his rose gold W cufflinks!
He was a very fashion forward groom- and you know me- anything fashion forward count me in!


-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Jen, Robyn, & Tara-

James Helma! You wrote some of the most heartfelt, detailed and loving vows we have ever heard. The way you gave examples of your love and brought us all together to share the warmth and reasons why you were meant to marry Vicki was tear-jerking. Everyone there witnessing the ceremony cried- including us. We could see it in Vicki’s eyes just how much she was proud of you and loving you a little extra in that moment.

Katherine + Laura,
Hands down (dating way back to the beginning of weddings for us) your vows to each other take the cake. You spoke of true love and friendship. You truly inspired all of us and we know we speak for everyone (who attended) when we say those vows were perfect. You reminded us of our WHY. You reminded us WHY we love what we do and WHY it’s incredibly special to capture those times. Our hearts were so very full after hearing the two of you confess your truest thoughts to one another.
We sure did love your wedding! :)

KYLIE WATSON- Cait Raven of Bangor Hair Co. | Bangor, ME
DOROTHY O’DONNELL- Courtney Hill of Main Street Salon | Calais, ME

-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

We chose Kylie and Dottie’s make up for the 2018 CHOICE MAKE UP because of how glam yet natural they both looked! The way Cait and Courtney managed to pop their eyes without having to apply too much was simply stunning.
We highly recommend both Cait & Courtney!
Find them on instagram:
CAIT- bangorhairco
COURTNEY- courtneyebhill

-Experienced + captured by Hannah-

On this day I had the most incredible spiritual & creatively awakening moment. One after another, actually. Kristy and Michael came from Texas to one of the quietest parts of Maine to say their vows and make things official. From the seed library to spread growth, to the butterfly cards that hung from the walls reminding us of how precious life can be, to the small details that made incredible moments to capture, to the private words read by Kristy straight from her journal -of all things honest- to the view and how perfect the sun fell- this day will be my OVERALL TREASURED 2018 WEDDING EXPERIENCE.
I could go into great detail here but to perfectly sum up this elopement I would say it was romantically magic- so real & authentic. This ceremony made me decide to offer more of my time towards elopements!
Kristy + Michael- you know how much love I have for you. I cherish meeting you and now enjoy knowing you.


-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

This venue was one of the most versatile venues we photographed all year! The land is made up of so many spots for formal photos and loads of inspiration! From the pond, to the trails, to the open space and wildflowers we had plenty of places to photograph our couple. We also loved the bridal suite- it had a home feel- even a friendly farm cat to snuggle that roams the property. The space allows for many options for a ceremony spot, a cocktail hour and a reception. We loved the inside of the barn- it was classy and open- perfect spot to place your personal touch!
And! The owners of the venue live on the grounds. We saw them many times that day as they walked the area making sure all was perfect and to lend a helping hand when needed.
We highly recommend this venue!


-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn, & Tara-

Hair done by: Alisha Lake of Attitudes Hair + Nail Salon | Winslow, ME

Hair done by: Ally Holmbom of Eden Salon | Brewer, ME
Find her on Instagram: hairbyallyh

Both Vicki and Meghan had the most gorgeous goddess hair!
Vicki’s hair in a long wavy unique braid and Meghan will perfectly stunning long wavy locks.
Hands down our picks for 2018 CHOICE BRIDAL HAIR!


-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

John was the most fun to watch as he waited so patiently and anxiously for Ali to step out of the bridal suite to greet him. We could tell John was filled with so many mixed emotions and animated gestures- laughter, tears of happiness, pacing legs and sweaty palms! Ali gracefully walked towards John- slow enough that the suspense was killing her soon to be husband but just fast enough for us to tell she couldn’t wait to tap his shoulder! The two immediately wrapped around each other! They were so in love and wrapped in a bubble we could only access from afar with our cameras. For a few moments John and Ali experienced a moment in time we are sure they’ll always remember! John couldn’t seem to get enough of Ali’s look and she couldn’t seem to soak up enough of John’s embrace! It was truly incredible to be in this moment with them.
We love the images we were able to capture during this intimate time and that’s why John and Ali are our 2018 TREASURED FIRST LOOK.

2018 BELOVED BRIDAL PORTRAITS (one of my most favorite parts of the big day)

-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

This was by far the hardest category to choose! I have favorites from all of my weddings and cherish my one-on-one time with my brides during their portraits! However, these are a handful that stand out to me the most and I kept going back to. They all have such a soft, heartfelt and magnetic feel to them.
I’ve always tied in my love for fashion photography into my bridal portraits. I work hard to ensure I am capturing them in a raw form where the realest of emotions come through and what they’re feeling in portrayed honestly. I’ve never bothered with forcing smiles or trying to tell awful jokes hoping for a “real smile.” Infact, it’s the exact opposite. If a smile comes through it’s from an organic place. I focus more on posing and positioning a bride to show her best self. I find honesty and fire in a portrait where a bride is not sporting a cheery smile. The reality of the emotions, the environment and the overall vibe isn’t always a smile. It’s anxiety, it’s slowing down and taking a deep breath, it’s me allowing you to be yourself for those short moments before you become center of attention. You can be real with me- and it’s in that time where I capture the real you. I try to help my brides understand that just because my camera is active waiting for them to open up doesnt mean I am expecting anything at all from them. Just be and I’ll capture you as so.
Don’t get me wrong- I adore a great laughing image of a bride filled with joy- but only if its capture naturally and candid.
That was a lot of wording- phew!
EEEEKKK! I do really love these portraits from 2018.



-Experienced + captured by Hannah, Nick, Robyn & Tara-

Let me just start off by saying WE LOVE YOU ALL and THANK YOU ALL for such an incredible season! We loved ALL OF OUR 2018 WEDDINGS! With that said, Ashley and Mason Lee’s wedding ended up taking the cake (bad wedding pun? yes, but it works here)!
From the beginning of the day to the end of the day these two, their friends and their family displayed the most amazing affection for one another. The friendships we were surrounded by were some to aspire to have and to cherish. The playful manner between Ashley and Mason made our jobs easy- they simply had fun-which made everything light and enjoyable! Sometimes weddings can be stressful and pack on the pressure, but with The Mason’s the important thing was love and remembering why they were there. Ashley had THE BEST bridesmaids we have ever seen. I guess that should have been a category in itself- thats how much they deserve recognition! They were there to support, guide, love and carry Ashley through her day and they did just that! They even had a choreographed dance planned for the bride during the ceremony! Great work girls.
And Mason’s team was nothing short of fun! His groomsmen were high spirited and supportive of Mason- not to mention they were helpful during formal photos and seemed happy to be involved (which is not always the case during formal photos with the guys ).
We were blessed to share a space with Mason’s mom, Rebecca, as she shared passed down gifts from her loved ones with Ashley. These tear jerking moments are some I will always remember- being in the room capturing such a vulnerable time.
The reception was a blast!! The music was great, the food was delicious (DKB CATERING OF GREENVILLE, ME) and the company so lively and welcoming!
Sitting down reflecting on which wedding would hit the spotlight as the OVERALL CHOICE WEDDING OF 2018 was hard! We love them all! However, we kept coming back to the details of this particular day and how incredible it was to see a community come together to create a last minute space for a ceremony due to weather!
Ashley + Mason, you two are the sweetest and we wish you all the best!

That’s it! Thanks for checking out our TREASURES OF 2018! Thank you all for an incredible year! I cannot wait to see what fire and magic comes in 2019!
We hope to see you through the lens.
Be well + in touch,

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John + Ali are married!

John & Ali
Willam Allen Farm
Pownal, ME
September 29, 2018

+Blog written by Tara Clark of Double H Photo+


Arriving at the William Allen Farm the air was warm and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day for an autumn wedding in Maine. A large red barn sat front and center surrounded by yellow and orange foliage. We immediately fell in love with the venue
& were anxious to see Ali & John!
We head in to the bridal suite first where we were welcomed by the bride & her best girls! The atmosphere was relaxed and playful- both welcoming and full of excitement.
When asked by one of her bridesmaid’s, “What are you most excited about Ali?”
She responded with, “Cake?"
And after a room filled with laughter, Ali continued with- “I’m just being funny -I’m excited about the vows.”
Ali’s dress was one of our favorite’s this year! The lace and slim fit made for a classic look while the lower back and beading brought a more modern feel.

Close by down the road John and his guys were getting ready at an Airbnb . They were enjoying a few beers and laughs as they teased John about his sock choices.
“I just expected like a caricature or something, you know?”
John explained with a big smile, “Time, you know? I got these like two weeks ago.”
John was ready to marry Ali- he was eager for the first look- as were we!

It was nearing the moment Ali and John were waiting for the most, not the cake, or the vows, but their first look.

John was waiting for her, back turned, in front of the barn. She approached him and put her hand on his shoulder, the smile on his face grew ten times when he saw Ali in front of him. They drank each other in -their hands smoothing jackets and touching lace. We all shared in the moment. Goosebumps in full swing and tears filling anyone’s eyes who looked on. John was overjoyed and couldn’t seem to get enough of Ali’s look. We could tell that John’s reaction gave Ali all she needed to begin one of the biggest days of her life.

“Ali and John, thank you for choosing us for such an important time in your lives. From the very beginning you two have been nothing but accommodating, welcoming and thankful. You allowed us total creative freedom and we appreciate you for putting your faith into our work. We absolutely adore the two of you and your families.” -Hannah

After their first look, it was time for formal photos. John and Ali willingly took off into the woods after finding the most incredible private path. Soaking in the moments, as they held hands tightly, walking along the dirt path surrounded by all the foliage. They were thankful to have had some alone time together before their ceremony.

The ceremony was to take place next to the pond. Perfect spot! Guests gathered on the lawn, taking off their sweaters and shawls to bask in the warm sunshine as they took their seats. In perfect synchronicity, John and the bridal party walked down the aisle to an instrumental rendition of “Here Comes the Sun.”
John’s face lit up when Ali came into view! It was as if they hadn’t experienced a first look at all. A certain level of giddiness that touched his entire face.  Their officiant, Maria (who did the most incredible job), welcomed everyone and began to tell the story of Ali and John. She said they met at the end of the bar at Sonny’s in Portland and gave each other the ultimate chance. These two shared something with each other that night - on a whim, a happenstance; and it brought their entire lives together. They spoke of their love for dogs and Ali’s love for dogs. In fact, the officiant shared a poem called, “Love is like Owning a Dog.” It was perfect for these dog parents.

As we mentioned earlier - Ali’s dress was one of the favorites of the year…as was this ceremony!

The vows held our attention & we couldn’t help but soak up every word.
John began explaining how important family was to him. He wanted someone who was strong and self sufficient; someone who was his equal partner. He found these qualities in Ali. He gazed lovingly at Ali as he told her he looked forward to starting a family and that she would be be an incredible mom to their future kids. He chuckled as he told her that she embraced all of who he was. He promised to work on his listening skills and to get ice cream with her whenever she was craving it. He ended with, “I promise to say ‘I love you’ everyday -because there won’t be a day in my life that I don’t.”

Ali was next, holding her vows and beaming at John. She shared that he was just too good to be true. He embraced the crazy adoration and love she had for her dogs. She thanked him for climbing her walls and revealing her worth. He helped lessen her fear of the future. She confessed that she was a stronger person because of John being in her life. She ended with, “I vow to be yours -always yours for the rest of my life.”

Once they were pronounced husband and wife they shared a kiss- smiles widening as they turned to face their loved ones. They walked up the aisle to the proud clapping and whistling of their family and friends. Ali and John, along with their bridal party and family headed to edge of the field for a few photos. John’s family had everyone laughing with their photo antics. We’re not mentioning any names -cough Susan and Luke cough -father like daughter they say. The Muzzy Clan was lucky to gain one more and it was clear Ali fit right in with Susan, Todd, and John. Once all the photos were finished Ali and John grabbed a drink and headed to mingle and greet their guests.
We loved that they made time before the ceremony for photos so that after they could have more time to spend visiting with guests!