Mr. & Mrs. Voisine

Mr. & Mrs. Voisine

October 29, 2016

Jenna and Josh

Highfields Golf and Country Club

42 Magill Dr.

Grafton, Ma 01519


Maid of Honor: Liane Lagace
Best Man: Aaron Voisine
Bridesmaids: Brittany Rotatori, Rachel Kish, Katie Kelly

Jr. Bridesmaid: Olivia Murray
Groomsmen: Andy Garland, CJ Harney, Matt Urso, Anthony Domenick
Flower Girl: Ella Murray
Ring Bearer: Liam Voisine
Bridal Party Hair done by: Shay Beaudoin and Marlene Johnson
Bridal Party Makeup done by: Liz Maguire
Cake by: Gerardo’s Italian Bakery
Floral Arrangements done by: The Gypsy Rose

The Double H Photo team arrived at the Highfields Country Club bright and early to greet the Voisine & Brown families.  We headed upstairs to the Bridal Room where we found Jenna and her ladies jamming out to music and popping champagne bottles for mimosas. They greeted us with big smiles and quickly directed us toward the dress, rings and bridesmaid dresses so we could photograph detail shots. Due to the ceremony being on a golf course, the grass was impressively green which made the foliage pop. This made for an amazing backdrop for the detail shots of the dress, rings and bridesmaid dresses. Jenna’s dress was beautiful. It was the most “princess-y” dress we’d seen all season. We couldn’t wait for her to put it on. Her bridesmaid’s dresses were a stunningly gold fabric covered in sequin-like material. They were perfect for the autumn wedding. We snuck into the Claddagh Room where the reception was going to be held to get a sneak peek of all the decor. The first thing we thought was- how classy! We absolutely loved the blacks, golds, & whites that filled the room. Right outside the entrance were two photos from Jenna and Josh’s engagement shoot for guest's to sign instead of a traditional book. There was a special table set aside for photographs of family to remember. A photo of passed grandfather's as well as Jenna's father were surrounded by candles and red rose petals. Once inside the room their white, black and gold theme was so tastefully done. We couldn’t stop ogling their decor. Each table had a square mirror on it with a large vase of hydrangeas. There were gold votives and each table number was in gold font. At each setting there were gold foiled kisses as favors. The head table had “Mr. & Mrs.” signs on Jenna and Josh’s respective chairs. Once we finished catching all the details, we  went to the locker room to gather the guys for some photos. They were easy to find as we just followed the sound of cheering and laughter. We found the guys in the locker rooms dressed and throwing back drinks. They were having a great time. They weren’t camera shy at all. They all knew what to say to get a laugh. They were clearly having a blast together to celebrate Josh and Jenna’s nuptials. We finished up shooting the guys and headed back up to the Bridal Room to capture Jenna adding her final touches and getting into her dress.

Jenna and her bridesmaids had personalized silk robes. Jenna wore a soft white with gold stitching on the back that read, “Mrs. Voisine.” Her Maid of Honor and bridesmaid’s wore black and Ella, the flower girl, wore pink. Each of the bridesmaids also had personalized champagne glasses that had their names, title and the date of the wedding on the side. What a creative way to recognize the ladies standing by your side on your special day! With their robes on and empty champagne glasses, they gathered by the staircase to take a celebratory shot of tequila before the ceremony. They took turns pouring shots into their glasses before toasting to Jenna and Josh. After the tequila taste settled and the candids were finished the girl's scurried back to their room to get into their dresses. Once Jenna stepped out into the spot light, after getting into her ball gown, everyone fawned over how beautiful she was! We even took a minute to soak up the beauty of this dress & the bride who was wearing it. The girl's began helping Jenna put together her final touches. Liane was quick to get to the floor and help her into her shoes- one of our favorite photos of the day (hehe). The veil was put on, the dress was buttoned, and of course tears were shed. The girls posed for a few photos surrounding Jenna before they made their way downstairs.

The ceremony took place on the decorated back deck of the country club. There was a white arbor at the end of the aisle, and family and friends filled up the chairs on either side. Josh and his groomsmen made their way down the aisle to await Jenna. The instrumental version of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” began to play and one by one the maid of honor and bridesmaids trickled down the aisle. Their son, Liam dressed up in a sharp mini tux, came down on his trike with a sign that read, “Dad, here comes your bride!” This made everyone chuckle. The instrumental version of John Legend’s “All of Me” started playing and Jenna made her way down the aisle with her brothers by her side. Josh's emotion in his face said it all- he had been waiting for this moment for some time now. We enjoyed capturing his expression when he first saw Jenna- a goose bump moment! Once she reached Josh, they held hands and eagerly awaited becoming husband and wife! Their officiant, Frederick Orcutt III, a close friend, captivated the audience with his sense of humor as he read his welcome speech. They exchanged vows,  to which they both agreed to “listen rarely.” which caused them both to burst into laughter. They also said, “I choose you my love to grow with you, to celebrate your successes.” They promised to love one another forever, and the officiant closed out the ceremony by stating that “with their love they can conquer all.” It was a wonderful moment that was sealed with a kiss. The crowd cheered as the new Mr. and Mrs. Voisine were presented and walked back up the aisle as newlyweds.

Josh, Jenna and their wedding party were whisked away into the crisp autumn air for formal photos. Their guests headed back inside to enjoy Bloody Mary's, Mimosa's and appetizers.  

The bridal party sure did know what to say to get everyone laughing. What a fun group of people they all are! It was so obvious what a tight knit bunch they all are and how much they were enjoying the day. It was wonderful to see and it really came through in the photos!

As the bridal party were announced in, they all danced one by one to the head table. Being the hilarious party they were, they sure did add some creativity to get the guests laughing alongside as they entered the room. When things really got going is when Jenna and Josh were announced in as Mr. and Mrs. Voisine! The couple entered the ballroom with the entrance song that also accompanies John Cena from the WWE when he enters the ring! Josh sported a John Cena hat that he then threw into the group of wedding guests before escorting his wife onto the dance floor. They shared their first dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud". They were so wrapped up in one another. They were laughing, and so wrapped up in the moment. Once their song ended they both made their way to their son, Liam, to show him some love! Jenna had already left one lipstick print on his cheek during their photo session- another favorite photo of ours! They are the sweetest little family. Once everyone was seated, Aaron Voisine -Josh’s best man and brother was handed the microphone to begin the speeches. He started off by thanking everyone for coming and celebrating his brother and Jenna on their wedding day. He thanked Jenna’s family for “doing a wonderful job raising Jenna, and to our parents, you did alright.” This caused an uproar of laughter, as did, “Thank you Liam -I knew it was hard separating you from Bailey.” The Voisine genes clearly have a sense of humor in them. Aaron also shared a letter he found the day before about his favorite person that he had written for school when he was in 6th grade. His favorite person was his brother Josh. This was also comedic. “My brother has bright blue eyes that shine in the night. We don’t really fight we just wrestle.” It was a great speech that showed the bond between brothers. Next, it was Liane’s moving Maid of Honor speech. She spoke of Jenna's strength & said that watching Jenna and Josh welcome Liam into the world was incredible. She brought up loving the snapchats she gets of Liam sporting many different filters! I think we all love getting those (hehe)! The best part of the speech was when she brought up that four and a half years ago when Josh and Jenna first started dating, Jenna had told her that Josh was The One. Liane went on explain that some of Jenna’s reasoning was that they were both left handed and loved cats. This had everyone in tears laughing. How cute!

After everyone had enjoyed a wonderful lunch, Jenna and Josh cut their cake. The three tiered white circle cake was placed in front of them. They had a personalized Vera Wang cake cutter that they used to cut a slice to share. They gently fed each other bites and savored the sweetness of the cake. Jenna and her mom, Diane, took to the dance floor to share their mother-daughter dance. Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” came on and the pair danced and laughed together, until her brother stepped in and started dancing with the two of them. Diane exited the dance floor to let Jenna and her brother continue the dance. Dan even spun her around so we all could get a better look at the princess-y gown of hers! Josh and his mom, Denise, took the floor next. They shared the dance floor to Rascal Flatts, “My Wish.” They were adorable, she sang the lyrics to him and he danced her around in circles. Once the dances were complete Aaron, Josh's brother, made his way to the dance floor armed with a microphone. Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” came through the speakers and soon Aaron was belting out the lyrics too. Groomsmen rushed to the floor to sing along and soon enough Josh was there with them being sung to and singing along. They were having a blast, and it radiated into the crowd. Once they finished, more guests headed down to the dance floor to boogie and have a good time.

The DJ played a good variety of music that had a little something for everyone that kept people on the dance floor. At one point Josh handed off his drink before doing some moves on the floor where he ended up spinning on his head! Jenna’s response to that was, “I’ve never seen you do that before.” It’s amazing what a newly married man is capable of. Hats off to you Josh. The groomsmen rarely left the floor. But it was the Macarana that had everyone on the floor putting their arms out and singing along. This wedding was so much fun. Before the afternoon was finished Jenna gathered all her single ladies for the bouquet toss. Thankfully it missed the chandelier! Everyone gathered on the dance floor for a few more dances and drinks, but the last song of the night had wedding guests surrounding the dance floor while Jenna, Josh and Liam shared a dance in the middle. All the moments these three shared were the sweetest. It was so obvious the love they had for each other and Liam. It was a wonderful way to close out the reception.


Jenna and Josh,
Poet, Boris Pasternak, wrote, “They loved each other because everything around them willed it, the trees and the clouds and the sky over their heads and the earth under their feet.”

It was inspiring to see how in love two people can be. Thank you for sharing that with us. We wish you and Liam the best and brightest future!

Double H Photo
Hannah, Robyn and Tara