Mrs. & Mrs. Gayne

Mrs. & Mrs. Gayne
June 11, 2016
Katie and Rachael
Maple Hill Bed and Breakfast
11 Inn rd.
Hallowell, Me 04347
Katie’s Matron of Honor: Shelby Cutten
Maid of Honor: Alyssa Betts
Bridesmaids: Nicole Brann, Sophie Gabrion, Connie Matlock, Jill Moreno, Paige Pelletier
Rachael’s Matron of Honor: Crystal Watson
Maid of Honor: Mikaela Rosebush
Bridesmaids: Miranda Albert, Brittany Charette, Matt Curtis, Ashley Pelletier, Raven Scarborough and Junior Bridesmaid Layla Couture
Flower Girl: Madilyn Watson
Ring Bearer: Liam Luther

Bridal Party Hair done by: Kristin Leet, Guy Ortega, Holly Rines
Bridal Party Makeup done by: Katie’s Makeup - Holly Rines
Cake(or cupcakes) by: Hillman’s Bakery
Floral Arrangements done by: The Maine Accent

------------->>>Enjoy the images after the beautifully written blog by Tara Clark<<<<--------------
The rustic vibe that encompassed Maple Hill Bed and Breakfast provided a wonderful backdrop for the Gayne wedding. The farmhouse was nestled in-between rolling hills of green grass and thick shady maple trees full of summer leaves. Katie and Rachael had picked their own flowers for their bouquets. Katie also was wearing a flower crown and picked her flowers for that as well. The red barn that housed llamas made for a great splash of color and a fantastic photo spot later in the day. In addition to the bed and breakfast, there was a carriage house just a couple yards away from the entrance. This provided the perfect amount of distance between the brides as they got ready. Katie and her bridesmaids got ready in the carriage house and Rachael and her bridesmaids got ready inside the B&B. Both sides of the bridal party had matching silver robes while the brides wore white ones. Despite being in separate areas, the designated getting ready rooms were quite similar. There was music playing, coffee mugs strewn about and make up on every vacant surface. The big white covered bags were hanging atop the highest perch in each room, holding one of the most anticipated items of the day. Katie and Rachael were both smiling and eager to see one another!
They had decided to do a first look. Once they were both ready Rachael made her way down to the back of the carriage house. Between two wooden barn doors was a large tree. On the farthest side Rachael stood and waited for Katie to join her on the opposite side. With the tree and quite a bit of excitement separating them, they posed for a few photos. Eventually they stepped down away from the barn doors and moved towards the tree. They held hands in the middle of the tree, a little bit closer, but still not seeing one another. Rachael and Katie’s anticipation evaporated when they were finally given the go ahead,  and they saw each other for the first time as brides. They quickly embraced before pulling back to drink one another’s full appearance. They were quite clearly enthralled with one another as they adoringly commented on the other’s  appearance. Rachael had been especially eager to see Katie’s handmade flower crown. Which was woven together with yellow and orange flowers. It really popped against her light hair and white dress. Smiles were glued to their faces as they took more photos together. While the first look was happening, bridesmaids waited in the carriage house toasting champagne in coffee mugs to the Gayne’s.
Once the entire group was together for photos, Katie and Rachael couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. The group made their way down toward to the llama barn to utilize the bigger barn doors. Each of the bridesmaids had picked out their own dresses following the color scheme of earth tones. The colors looked amazing on each of the girls and worked so well into the earthy, rustic settings of Maple Hill. The tall grassy field off to the side of the farmhouse had an abundance of yellow wildflowers. Hannah wasted no time in instructing Rachael and Katie into the field. She moved them into poses and they looked amazing in front of the camera. The yellow flowers and the field really allowed the bride’s to stand out. At one point as Hannah moved them into a pose Katie said to Rachael, “Your heart, I can feel it.” It really put into perspective how in tune they were as a couple. It was a heart melting moment, and we were happy to capture. They were complete naturals. Once out of the field, there were a few tick scares and couple grass stains on dresses, but the smiles didn’t falter.
The ceremony took place on the lawn, guests were seated under the maple trees. The arbor, beautifully crafted by Katie’s dad, was under the shadiest part. Flower petals were strewn before it and tin pails of wildflowers a were placed at each of the front corners.  Once guests were seated, the bridesmaids walked down the aisle to “What Would I do Without You” by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. Madilyn and Layla followed the bridesmaids with the flower basket -Madilyn picked each petal up as she toddled down the aisle -causing the guests to laugh. Liam, carried in by Katie’s brother, Anthony carried a chalkboard sign announcing, “Here Come the Brides.” Cue Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way” and Katie, escorted by her dad made her way down the aisle. Rachael and her dad followed suite and the two met at the front of the arbor. Their father’s gave them away, and once again the couple only had eyes for each other. The pair chose to write their own vows, and there wasn’t a dry eye as they made promises to one another. A few snippets of the vows included Katie saying to Rachael, “I promise to always believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. I am honored and excited to be by your side and see everything you accomplish. Please know that I’ll always be in your corner.” Rachael saying to Katie,”I will never stop cheering you on as you are the hardest working person I know and you inspire me to be better everyday. I apologize in advance for all the times I lose things only to have you find them for me.” Rachael did add that she “promised to sometimes buy beer instead of wine.” Which made the guests chuckle through their wet eyes. One idea that they both mentioned in their vows, was that they were ready for their adventures together.  Once the rings, which were held in a beautiful box given to them by Katie’s dad, were exchanged “as a symbol of the love I have for you,” the newlyweds walked up the aisle to Florence and Machine’s “Dog Days are Over.”
The reception was in a hall attached to the Bed and Breakfast. There was an a tent adjacent to the hall making a larger space and more room for dancing! Their entrance tables really tied into the nature theme. Instead of a guest book, there was a motif of a tree with leaves and guests were instructed to sign the leaves. Next to the signing there was a tray of wildflower seeds which were favors for the guests with a sign that read, “Take One. Plant One & Watch Love Grow.” There was also a small side table with the bride’s faces on popsicles sticks, which made for some very funny photos between guests. Inside the reception hall, each table was numbered with rose gold glittery numbers. The Bride’s table had a “K” and “R,” in front of their respective spots. The new Mrs. and Mrs. Gayne were announced into the hall and immediately whisked into their first dance. “Northern Wind” by City and Colour enveloped them as their closest family and friends looked on. It was the perfect way to kick off the reception. The toasts were next. Shelby, Alyssa, Crystal and Mikaela all spoke highly of the bride’s and reminisced on some of their fondest memories. After taking a short break for dinner, Rachael and her dad made their way to the dance floor for their father-daughter dance. They danced to Guns & Roses “Sweet Child of Mine.” Katie and her dad followed after, these two had taken dancing lessons in preparation and they nailed it! They danced to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” and with a killer box step too! The dance floor opened up, and soon guests and bridal party members were soaking up the music on the floor. The two newlyweds could be found mingling or dancing, but never lost sight of each other, often looking and making eye contact with one another and sharing a smile. The newlyweds headed to the Dominican Republic on Monday for their honeymoon!!
Katie and Rachael,
Rumi said, “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other along.” It’s apparent you finally met your other half and are now creating your lifelong love story!
From all of us at Double H Photo, we wish you the best in your adventures together!!
Hannah, Robyn and Tara