Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson


Ashley and Eric

Private Home

Greenville, Maine



Maid of Honor: Tasha Duval
Best Man: Mike Perigo
Bridesmaids: Rachael Nelson, Mallarie McNinch, Lauree-Anne Hanson, Megan Gorman
Groomsmen: Travis Nelson, Spencer Gilbert, Patrick Goetz, Jason Duval
Bridal Party Hair done by: Karen Peat
Bridal Party Makeup done by: Tasha Duval and Mallarie McNinch
Cake by: Cindy McNinch
Floral Arrangements done by: Nicole Jennison of North Pointe Farm & Garden Center


    The end of summer sun was shining bright as we entered Greenville, “Welcome to Greenville. Gateway to the Moosehead Lakes Region.” The sign stood just beyond the tent set up for the wedding. The air was warmer than anticipated with a hint of fall in the slight breeze. Ashley and her bridesmaid’s greeted us in the driveway with big smiles and matching silk robes. They had their hair and makeup already done. They were putting together a few final touches. The Double H Photo Team took the dresses, bouquets and rings to take some photographs. Ashley and Eric had lots of backyard animals grazing: horses, goats and chickens to name a few. The animals fit right into their rustic country wedding. 

Marlene, mother of the bride, was in charge of designing the wedding. There were so many creative touches throughout the designated area for the wedding. The entrance into the tent for the reception had a fence post, hay bales, a wagon wheel and flowers on each side. Everything was so well put together. The centerpieces were baby’s breath in grey, green and lavender painted mason jars atop a circle of wood with a horse shoe. There was a memory board with photos and light at the entrance of the tent that read, “In Loving Memory For those we have loved and lost along the way… a remember them is lit here today.” As four o’clock neared, Ashley and her girls slipped into their dresses and took the time to have one last drink. They cheered and toasted to Ashley in DIY glasses that her mom had made. Eric's mother, Nancy, surprised Ashley with a limo to drive her to the ceremony and to the photo locations. At four, Ashley and her bridesmaid’s entered the limo and made their way to the ceremony on the other side of the big tent.

    Guests entered through a wooden arch and were seated on wooden boards set atop hay bales. Once everyone was seated, Eric excitedly made his way up to the arbor. The bridesmaids made their way down the aisle to Christina Perri’s “1000 Years.” Once Tasha, the Maid of Honor and Henry (Eric and Ashley’s adorable dog) made their way down the aisle, the curtain at the top of the aisle closed and Ashley made her way out of the limo. Ashley's gown was one of our favorite's from this year! Her subtle lace caps that fell perfectly on her shoulders made for such elegance. 
Behind the curtain, Ashley and her step-dad Kenny linked arms, and prepared for their walk down the aisle. Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You” began, the curtain opened, and Ashley made her way down the aisle. Eric was all smiles from the end of the aisle as his beautiful bride walked toward him. Once they were both in front of the arbor they faced each other in preparation to exchange vows. The officiant, Travis Duval, reminded them that they were best friends, to encourage one another, and to be there through good times and bad. Eric and Ashley chose to tie a Fisherman’s knot as a symbol of their unity. The Fisherman’s knot uses two ropes, one held by the bride and one by the groom. The couple ties the knot symbolizing two lives becoming one, the knot itself only becomes sturdier as pressure is applied. A symbol that the couple too, will be stronger as the pressures of life bear down on them. Following the tying of the Fisherman’s knot, the couple exchanged vows, “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you.” Eric and Ashley sealed their vows with a kiss and exited the aisle to “This Will Be an Everlasting Love” by Natalie Cole. The newlyweds and their wedding party got into the limo to be whisked away for photos.

Ashley & Eric had two spots picked out for photos. The first spot was overlooking Greenville and Moosehead Lake. The bride and groom were so natural, they were so comfortable with each other and it really came through with each click of the shutter. Across the road was a stunning, well lit sunny field that screamed to be captured. Next, it was time for the second location...a location Hannah had been anticipating since Ashley & Eric revealed the spot! Since Hannah too grew up in Greenville she knew all about this privately owned property that could only be accessed with permission and she had always wanted to photograph it! The second location was private property and home to The Bilodeau's. It had an extensive amount of land and beautiful spots for photos. One included a gazebo that was set on a manmade pond.  The property also had beautiful gardens which made a wonderful backdrop. Ashley and Eric made use of the many diverse aspects that the property had to offer. Hannah was over the moon excited to be there and voiced she could have stayed there for hours photographing the bride and groom in front of the mansion.

Once everyone was back at the tent, the newlyweds and their wedding party were announced into their reception to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance With Me.” Ashley, Eric and their bridal party were seated in front of the dance floor. Once announcements were made, everyone broke for dinner and more drinks. While everyone finished up dinner, Eric’s Best Man and sister stood to give toasts. Mike reminisced about the years of friendship, and the trouble they’d gotten in to together. Rachael joked about being her brother’s best friend longer than Mike. That got a chuckle from the crowd. She also felt that Ashley was the perfect addition to their family. Following the toasts, Eric and Ashley met on the dance floor for their first dance. The trees strung with lights lit the dance floor made by the bride's step father, Kenny. They twisted and turned to John Pardi’s “Head over Boots.” They had such beautiful energy as Eric swung Ashley around the dance floor keeping his eyes on his bride in between singing the lyrics! They were full of laughs and smiles as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. Ashley was soon after swept onto the dance floor by Kenny, for the father-daughter dance. The dance was a tribute for Ashley’s late father. They danced to one of his favorite songs, “You’re in my Heart” by Rod Stewart. The moment was sweet as everyone watched Ashley and Kenny pay tribute to her dad. After Ashley’s dance Eric and his mom hit the dance floor. They were full of laughs while they busted dance moves left and right. Once the dance floor opened up guests flooded to the floor!

Before the ceremony, Ashley’s mom presented her with a homemade garter. The note with the garter read, “Something old and something blue. Here’s a garter made special for you, using dad’s shirt that is the color of blue. It consists of lace from your first communion dress and beads from my wedding veil make up the rest. Love Mom 09-03-2016.” Ashley’s bouquet had a few personal touches. There was a kerchief wrapped around her flower stems. Her mom explained that the kerchief was passed down every time someone got married. It had started with Ashley’s great great grandmother. Along with the kerchief, Ashley included a locket photo of her dad. When the time came for the traditional garter and bouquet toss there was a lot of sentimental value accompanying it. Ashley and Eric both had fun sharing these items with their friends as guests made attempts to catch the flying objects. Once all the events were done, Ashley, Eric and their guests hit the dance floor. The festivities went long into the night with lots of dancing, drinks and music to celebrate the newlyweds.

Ashley and Eric,

We hope you have an amazing marriage filled with so many laughs. Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Double H Photo wishes you the best in your happily ever after!


Hannah, Robyn and Tara