Mr. & Mrs. Kaake

Mr. & Mrs. Kaake
October 14, 2017
Jess & Ryan
Sebasco Harbor Resort
29 Kenyon Rd
Phippsburg, Maine


We arrived at the Sebasco Harbor Resort, on a beautiful sunny October morning. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky- and we couldn't have been more excited! We headed to Jess’s room where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The light was incredible and the smiles friendly and welcoming. We eagerly collected all the precious bridal items-her dress, bridal belt(which we loved!), jewelry and shoes to head onto the room’s adjoining balcony. We hung the dress to photograph in front of the coastal backdrop with the foliage scattered about. We spotted a royal blue chair inside the room & were immediately inspired  to capture her lovely accesories against the jewel colored fabric! 

The bridal suite was filled with music, laughter & all the best vibes as the bridesmaids and bride enjoyed a cocktail and eachother's company. Jess wore a white floral robe while her bridesmaids were clad in blue floral ones! We couldn't get enough of the positive energy & the relaxing feel-something not always achieved with a room full of girls pressed for time getting ready- so we were impressed! :) When the time came for Jess to get into her gown all the bridesmaids and her mom surrounded her- softly guiding her and helping with the little things. A few stray tears were had as they all took in their beautiful friend, who was a trolley ride away from seeing her future husband. As she smoothed out her dress she locked eyes with her mom. Tears sprung to their eyes as they embraced and shared an emotional mother-daughter moment. Her mom, Sarah was completely taken back by her daughter in a wedding dress! What a sweet moment we cherished being apart of. 

Ryan and his guys were across the way in the Early Bird Cabin! They joined us in the cabin’s common space holding their bow ties, shoes and suspenders. Their bow tie expert was golfing and unreachable, so YouTube tutorials were watched and ‘how to tie a bow tie’ was googled- how fun this moment was! They buckled suspenders and tied their shoes, and attempted many many bow ties-this was all in great fun- sharing laughs. Ryan entered the scene in the living room having finished getting dressed and began laughing at everyone’s attempts. He set to work tying, and lecturing on the benefits of practicing while shaking his head as he undid the most "unique" bow ties. They were a sharp looking group- stylish attire and after much time- perfectly placed bows. :)
Ryan and his guys were a bundle of laughs and jokes- all very connected and enjoying the day! 

With Jess and her bridesmaids and Ryan and his groomsmen all ready, it was time to catch the trolley to Fort Popham! We had been waiting for this since the initial meeting when Jess filled Hannah in on where the two met and how awesome it would be to capture photos in that location! Jess drove to the Fort with Ryan's mom and the rest of us hopped on the trolley for a fun ride to Fort Popham! Jess and Ryan first met in the summer of 2012 while working on the property...Jess was running that day where Ryan spotted her and immediatly wanted to talk to her. So fast forward and there we all were eagerly awaiting the first look on the same grounds- how special! Witnessing their love in the place where it first began was nothing short of magical! We were quick to utilize Fort Popham’s shadows and stairs and everywhere in-between to capture Ryan and Jess.  We couldn't get over how photogenic everyone was!
We ended with some of our favorite portraits we took all year and then piled back into the trolley to head to the ceremony! 

When 4:00pm rolled around, guests were settling in on the lawn in front of the ocean, the sun bore down and there was a swift, salty breeze. Ryan stood looking on as Jess and her father made their way down the aisle. Jess took comfort in her father's arms and was yet again glowing to see her soon to be husband. The officiant, Leo Hill, kicked off the ceremony starting with, “this is not only a marriage of Jess and Ryan, but the joining of their two families. It’s the family’s continued support that has helped them become who they are.” Leo went on to describe how Jess and Ryan met the summer of 2012. Ryan was a park ranger and Jess was a lifeguard. It was a summer to remember forever-just the beginning of much love and many adventures. These adventures have included beaches, jet skiing and crying down Mt. Katahdin! Through all their challenges, they’ve weathered them together and have grown stronger. Leo told them to “love, dance, fish, hike -the flat trails -and don’t let the little stuff get you down. Do little things everyday for the other person. Support each other always. Your love will be stronger year after year.” He ended by saying, “Time to marry these two knuckleheads.” Guests chuckled at this. Jess started off the vows. She expressed that she’d fallen in love with Ryan again and again over their years together. She felt lucky to be marrying her best friend. Ryan was next, “I choose you to be no other than yourself & I promise to listen, learn and love." Together they promised to love, honor and cherish, and Ryan promised to pick up his own socks. With the exchanging of rings, Leo announced- “I proudly pronounce these two crazy kids as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!” They headed up the aisle filled with joy and so much love. Guests headed to the cocktail hour to enjoy the good company along the gorgeous view!

We gathered all the family and headed to a gorgeous little spot along the water for group photos. There were stories being shared between parents, siblings, significant others and members of the wedding party who snuck over to hang out. It was great to see such a connection between both sides. It was clear these two families were right where they belonged-together!

After the family photos were complete, we followed Jess & Ryan and hopped on the back of a golf cart to head for more photos! We were taken to a little piece of the resort’s rocky coastal view. With the lighthouse in the background and the golden sun low in the sky, we photographed the newlyweds. These photos were breathtaking. It was obvious these two were used to being this close to the sea -they seemed right at home on the rocks as the water lapped softly near by. The sun was beautiful and the ocean calm. It was an ideal spot. Next, we headed to a small beach close by. It was quiet and captured Phippsburg’s picturesque small town.

It was time for all the fun to begin! The wedding party were announced in to ‘Cake by the Ocean.’ As they entered the room, they all joined in for fun personalized entrances! Mr. & Mrs. Kaake danced and cheered all the way to the middle of the floor to share their first dance. Their wedding party lined the side of the dance floor surrounding the couple with love.

Next, Jess & her father shared a sweet moment together for their father-daughter dance wrapped in each other's arms. Jason & Nancy were next- laughing and loving every second spent together. Nancy was a very proud mother.

With the specialty dances over, Jess’s dad took the microphone to give one of the best wedding speeches we have ever heard! He shared the story of when the family went up to camp and how he purposefully sunk the boat while Ryan and Jess were on it, in the middle of the lake! He held the attention of everyone in the room! What a story teller he was- well done. 
Jess’s brother Kurt was up first for toasts. He shared a memorable story of when they all hiked Mt. Katahdin together- the fun (and pain) had. Kurt spoke of the way Ryan looked at Jess on the mountain- how comforting and motivating he was. “It was a crystallizing moment that Ryan was the perfect person I wanted to join my family.”
Jason, Ryan’s best man and brother, was up next. He joked that he was up there by default because he was Ryan’s only brother. He said, growing up they fought 99% of the time -mostly over clothes and fishing gear. He told of the time they threw a party while their mom was out of town- this brought laughter to the room. Needless to say, they got caught, but Ryan took the blame. Jason shared that it was the silly times that stuck in his mind which make him appreciate having Ryan as his brother. He closed, by saying, “ I'm proud to call you my older brother and my best friend.” They shared a tight embrace.

    Jess’s bridesmaid, Emily, was toasting the lovely couple next. She told of how Jess and Ryan opened up their brand new home to her and her boyfriend, who is also Ryan’s best friend, until they could get settled in Maine. She spoke of how she admired Jess’s joy for life, and her infectious smile. She ended her toast by asking everyone to raise their glasses, “may your life give you more love and laughter with every passing year.”
With the most heartfelt toasts complete, dinner was served. Jess’s mom made a slideshow of the pair using photos from their childhood until now. It was something fun for guests to check out while they enjoyed dinner- we thought this was such a creative way to showcase the couple!

The dancing began- and what fun they were all having! We noticed the awesome choice in music by Nikos Marmaras- Jess's uncle. 
This was our last wedding of the year and what a perfect way to end the year for us! Thank you all for being so great & memorable!

Ryan and Jess,

Congrats on your wonderful marriage! Thank you for inviting us to capture your first look- where it all began, your ceremony-with that view, and your formals in that majestic golden sun by the sea! You are two of the nicest, most thoughtful people we have had the pleasure in meeting & we are thankful for this photo journey with you.
We wish you the best in all your adventures to come!

Double H Photo
Hannah, Robyn and Tara



Best Man: Jason Kaake
Bridesmaids: Mary Anne Quill, Heather Pederson, Emily Hopkins, Kate Bradley, Stephanie Hill
Groomsmen: Kurtis Stocker, Devin Field, Steven Burns, Nate Legere
Bridal Party Hair done by: Heather Arichal
Bridal Party Makeup done by: Heather Arichal
Cake by: Cherie Millet
Floral Arrangements done by: Cherie Millet