Mrs. & Mrs. Smith

June 2, 2018
Chelsie & Meghan
Morgan Hill Event Center
82 Morgan Hill Lane
Hermon, Maine 04401


We knew right away that this wedding would be fun- how many brides wear converse underneath their wedding gowns?! Not to mention how STUNNING & FLAWLESS both gowns were worn. We are still swooning over how incredibly breathtaking they both were. 
When Meghan and Chelsie first saw one another at opposite ends of the aisle; they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. We all felt the immediate fire and passion the two have for each other. The vows took us all on a trip filled with tears and laughter- but mostly tears. By far some of the most honest and heartfelt vows we have ever heard. It was amazing to watch a dream between two people unfold in such a way- this made documenting their love effortless.

We couldn't have asked for a better day (or a more gorgeous venue) -the smell of lilacs filled the air & the plush greenery made for perfect photo spots. But the leaves and fields were no match for these brides. They stood out -gorgeous in white - against the Maine summer day.

The new Mrs. & Mrs. couldn't keep their hands off one another as we guided them from spot to spot. Their gaze never stopped-it was inspiring and gave us all the feels!

During photos there were many opportunities to hear about their love and life together. Their promises and vows all made sense seeing them in front of us. In between shots, these two could be found fixing each other’s hair and gawking at the other with hearts in their eyes like two teenagers. They were so comfortable, the fluidity of their kisses and soft touches led to gorgeous comfortable photographs. Their smiles sparkled and their laughter filled the air.

As Chelsie watched Meghan get a few solo bridal portraits, she spoke in awe of her wife, “everytime I look at her, she takes my breath away.” We couldn’t help but smile with them. Their vows were thoughtful and inspiring. They wanted a lifetime of adventure with their daughters. They promised to never stop loving each other. We saw those promises with each embrace and every whispered "I love you." 

After a super fun entrance into their reception -to the Ghostbuster theme song no less- the newlyweds met in the middle of the dance floor. They wrapped their arms around one another, falling into step as Safety Suit’s “Never Stop” filled the room. Despite a room full of their family and closest friends, Meghan and Chelsie’s eyes were locked only on one another. They laughed together and sang the song lyrics to the other. The smell of blueberry cupcakes filled the air around them and the purple lighting gave the brides a fun glow to dance under. As their song continued, the moment was theirs and theirs alone.

One of our most favorite parts of the whole day (aside from Chelsie & Meghan's vows) was the time spent photographing all the magic that took place during the sunset shots! 
Meghan & Chelsie- the natural romance and chemistry you two share is unmatchable! Thank you for this time spent- these will forever be some of our favorite golden hour images. 


Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us- from the bottom of our hearts. You two were incredibly magical to capture and we were honored to share moments between such beautiful, caring and inspiring women.
We wish you two the absolute best in your life together!

With Love,
Double H Photo
Hannah, Nick & Tara


Chelsie’s Matron of Honor: Katie Boobar
Chelsie’s Bridesmaids: Nicole Bishop, Kristi Carney, Andrea Francis
Jr Bridesmaids: Kierra Mckinnon, Aislynn Rae

Meghan’s Matron of Honor: Amanda Lovejoy
Meghan’s Man of Honor: Joshua Osnoe
Meghan’s Bridesmaids: Amanda Cust, Ally Holmbom, Lyndsay Smyth
Flower Girls: Maddison Carney, Kailie McPheters

Bride & Matron of Honor Hair & Make up done by: Ally Holmbom
Chelsie and Bridal Party Hair done by: Ashley Grehoski
Chelsie Makeup done by: Rylee O’Connell

Cupcakes by: The Cupcake Goddess | Lauren Lichaa
Gluten Free Cupcakes by: Frank’s Bakery- Bangor, ME

Floral Arrangements done by: Karen Harling