Mr. & Mrs. Lee

Mason + Ashley Lee
August 4, 2018
Bartley Family Event Center
Moosehead Lake


We awoke to grey clouds and raindrops on Moosehead Lake Saturday morning, but it didn't dampen our wedding mood. We were too excited about the Lee Wedding! We headed over to Ashley and Mason’s house in the early afternoon to capture Ashley and her bridesmaids getting ready. They were all sitting on the couch in their mint colored robes laughing and singing along to music. Ashley was in her white silk robe getting her hair done-she was gorgeous already & her finishing touches hadn't even been made! Who needed sunshine with this crowd? They lit up the whole house-everything was so exciting & everyone full of life! Their smiles were contagious. We loved the bridesmaids immediately! There was a vibe about this entire group of a people- a vibe we loved and appreciate on a wedding day. So relaxed, happy, loving and warm. 
Once everyone’s hair and make-up was completed, Ashley and her soon to be mother-in-law headed upstairs to get into her dress. Her girls stayed downstairs waiting anxiously to see their best friend. 

The room was bright and airy- perfect place for a bride to step into her exquisite white gown. Becky, Mother of the Groom, and Ashley have been very close from the beginning. Becky told us about how much of a blessing Ashley has been to their family and how she adored her more than words could say. It was as if she wasn't marrying her son away, but as if she was gaining a daughter that day. It was clear these two shared a special bond as Becky stood in front of Ashley with a hancerchief that was given to her from her grandmother on HER wedding day. The two shared some tears and hugs as they reassured one another that they couldn't ruin their make up and they needed to get downstairs. One final touch was Ashley's "something blue"- a sapphire ring of Becky's.
We treasure moments where we are a part of such heartfelt and REAL life situations we can capture and FEEL alongside our Brides & Grooms. This moment was one that Hannah shared as being "memorable and so special to have witnessed".

"I cried right along with them. At one point I forgot to pick up my camera and photograph them. It was just such a powerful time unfolding. I felt so honored to be capturing this for them".
- Hannah


Next, Ashley would make her grand entrance down the stairs for her girls who were anxiously awaiting her appearance. And oh man- was it emotional! The girls were all taken back by Ashley in her gown- these girls truly love their friend. And she did look amazing- incredible! 

Over to the guys where the atmosphere was a little more playful and less emotional, Mason and his dad placed the final touches before they headed to the Muzzy's property.  Their formals were taken in front of one of our favorite views on Moosehead! The guys were enjoying the day and each other- playful banter and nervous laughter as Robyn spent time capturing the Groom and his closest friends. 

Once all the girls were completely ready we headed out for their formal photos! Hannah's favorite part of the day- when she can photograph the bride! The Blair Hill Inn was beautiful-as always the best spot around for formal photos. Everything was in bloom on the property and the view of Moosehead Lake was incredible. Ashley’s bridesmaids were very attentive and made sure her dress and veil didn't touch the ground. They watched on as Ashley posed for bridal shots- boosting her confidence every step of the way. There were quiet whispers of her looking like a model or a princess! And we agreed! Ashley you sure did pick the best bride tribe! <3

It was ceremony time! Due to the rain the wedding was held indoors at the Methodist Church in the Junction (across from Mason & Ashley's new house- how awesome is that memory for them to hold?!). So much love and support in one room!  We heard the voices and music of Vanessa Springer, Jessie Muzzy & Linda Hamilton who created such sweet sounds to set the mood. 
Ashley came down the aisle all smiles as Mason looked on with a subtle tear in his eye- his love, there she was, ready to say I do. The ceremony was filled with belly laughs and true loving vows. We all felt so happy for Mason & Ashley- their love was apparent and strong friendship
even more so. 

They left the church in Mason's truck that he's had since he was a young boy.
Ashley mentioned, "He even cleaned her out just for me".

We all headed to the lake towards the reception!

After the ceremony Ashley, Mason, their wedding party and families headed lakeside for photos. The sun had finally poked it's way through the clouds. The family members jumped in for photos -their smiles wide and proud. The bridal party was full of laughter, they were clearly excited and ready to celebrate with their friends. 
The real magic came, however, when we were able to get Ashley and Mason alone together. Their shoulders untensed, their smiles grew less controlled and they slowly loosened up in the presence of each other. They were quick to wrap one another in hugs and share kisses. They took direction well for photos and moved in-tune together. Their love was palpable as they looked at each other in-between shots. We were able to utilize the versatile nature of their location. There were gorgeous pines, a perfectly placed abandoned canoe, and of course Moosehead Lake.
But one of the most delightful ideas they had was to put “I Do” and “Me Too” stickers on the bottom of their boots. They hopped up in the back of Mason’s truck and showed off the bottoms!  It was unique to them -and we love those little personalizations- how fun!
We felt the whole day that both Ashley & Mason really let us into their day and we cannot thank them enough for that. It makes our creative space and thoughts come to life easier.
In fact, we truly appreciated spending this day with you all. Everyone welcomed us so kindly and made us feel like we were a part of the family. We saw a glimpse into the love of two high school sweethearts and our hearts could not be more full editing these photos and writing this blog. 

"Growing up in Greenville I have always known that the love in a small town is incomparable. Any opportunity I get to spend time on Moosehead surrounded by my people and all that love-I jump on and am grateful for. Thank you Ashley, Mason, Becky, Rex, all the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the extended family and super fun friends for being so awesome and loving. I had the best time".

After we captured the two young lovebirds in the last photos at the truck, we headed to the reception tent! The details throughout the tent were wonderful-perfectly placed and color coordinated. There were sprigs of lavender at each place setting-our fav! Guests were given mason jars as drink glasses and cozies with Ashley and Mason’s wedding date in mint and lavender. We loved the personalized drinks at the bar - titled “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Their little touches were everywhere and delicately placed.
Special dances were had and speeches were made. Next up was the cake cutting! WOAH! What a super fun twist that took place. Ever so softly and sweetly the newlyweds cut into their cake and then out of nowhere frosting began to fly! The two chased each other until they felt as though the other got even! They had all the guests in hysterics laughing and joining in the excitement! 

To wrap up the special surprises was the Bride Tribe! They had planned a special choreographed dance for Ashley! They gathered on the dance floor as Footloose began to play and Ashley watched on! They danced and laughed in front of their best friend who was clearly very surprised by this! Pulling Ashley onto the dance floor the girls set the tone for an open dance floor for guests!  The rest of the evening was spent with family and friends enjoying cocktails and music by the lake and celebrating a lifetime of love! 

Mason and Ashley,
We cannot express the love and gratitude we have for your special day. We truly enjoyed our time and couldn't have had any more fun! Editing your photos and writing this blog has been joyous for us. We wish you all the laughs, memories, and pure joy life can bring. We encourage you to forever cherish your wedding photos and each other. 


The Double H Photo Team
Hannah, Robyn and Tara



Maid of Honor: Kilee Hutchinson

Best Man: Spencer Lee

Bridesmaids: Jenna Crane, Sarah Miller, Kaleigh Pina, Abigail Warner

Jr. Bridesmaid: Nola Mason

Groomsmen: Graham Benway, Danny Brandy, Michael Mace, Trevor Richards

Jr. Groomsmen: Kevin Pina

Flower Girl: Mya Muzzy

Ring Bearer: Ryder Gray

Video: Life in Focus | Nick Eaton
Bridal Party Hair: Ally Holmbom
Bridal Party Make-Up: Aaron Hayden
Cake: Laura Theriault
Food: Diane Bartley | DKB Catering
Floral Arrangements: Leslie Lacase
DJ: Chris Bouchard