Lynn+ Jesse are married!

Lynn + Jesse Morkeski
Married on August 24, 2019
Coleman Estates State Park
Stewartstown, New Hampshire

Lynn & Jesse’s weekend was packed with all things relaxing, inviting and fun for their family and friends! We all enjoyed exploring the grounds of such a perfect secluded area in Northern New Hampshire. The weather was crisp but offered plenty of sun for warmth & most importantly- great lighting for photos. :)

Lynn has grown up visiting Coleman Estates State Park and has always been familiar with the area so naturally it was a place she was drawn to while beginning the process of wedding planning. Her & Jesse both agreed the park was more than a perfect fit for their wedding vision. And we all couldn’t have agreed more!

The park was welcoming with quaint cabins, a main house where the Bridal Suite was located and (where all the fun went down) a large reception hall to hold events! The space was perfectly planned for lawn games, a fire pit for s’mores and plenty of space for guests to wander and enjoy the fresh open air!

Lynn and Jesse love spending time outdoors- hiking, kayaking and all things active. Naturally, having mountains stand tall behind them as they read their vows was the icing on the cake for this venue! The two read their own vows as we all shared laughter and tears.

Lynn had many special moments unfold throughout the day but a couple very important ones were those spent with her parents. Gifting her mother a bracelet and hand written note to tell her how much she loves and appreciates her. A surprise tie for Dad with a sewn in note to a first look that had us all in tears!

Formal photos were such a blast with the wedding party, filled with so much excitment for Jesse and Lynn! We all agreed and appreciated how relaxing, enjoyable and overall FUN the weekend was. Most of us spent the college years together so we have never been short on making each other laugh! Lynn’s MOH, Cait, and her have been friends since the 7th grade so capturing moments between them was super playful and goofy!

The guys spent their afternoon enjoying beers & discovering a tree house! Jen had a blast with them & early on realized photographing the groomsmen would be a breeze!
So much creativity and play went in to capturing the guys! Jesse has some great friends who have always been very close.

When the time came for Lynn’s formals I naturally could not resist being the one capturing them! I have been photographing Lynn since college. I would talk her into leaving class early or spending the day letting me do her make up, throwing her in outfits and driving down back roads to find a field! Once we snuck into the admin building after dark to shoot in a classroom! And when caught, I covered by saying it was an art therapy project for a class. We continued! ha! Lynn has always been the most supportive friend throughout my photo journey.
The day came for me to capture Lynn the same way I have always done…only this time in white lace. We can all agree she has a very timeless look and photographs so very natural. To this day she is still one of my most favorite muses.

You were absolutely stunning Lynn. That dress was made for you and you confidently wore it well. The accessories ( all pieces from family) tied in nicely.

Dear Lynn & Jesse,

The two of you compliment one another so perfectly. I know everyone would agree with me when I say you both bring out different sides in one another. Jesse, you bring out the free spirit tucked inside Lynn to nourish the playful and adventurous side she loves. Lynn, you ground Jesse and guide him to focus on life and love. You nurture and support him- unconditionally. The two of you embrace one another as individuals first, and as a couple second. To me that speaks volumes towards building lasting commitment and dedication to one another. Supporting dreams, goals and master plans.
I couldn’t adore you two more.

All good things,



Team work photography done by: myself, Hannah of Double H Photo + associate photographer, Jena
Florals done by: Lori Lacasse @ Gills Flowers & Country Primitives
Cupcakes & Cake done by: JL Cakes+
Caterer: Famous Dave’s | Scarborough, ME
Bride’s Hair done by: Kirby Mitchell
Wedding party hair done by: Autumn Goyette
Bride’s Make up done by: Me, Hannah Holmbom
Officiant: Ron Chaisson

Caitlyn Morrissette- MOH
Karen Bartlett
Hannah Holmbom
Rachel Reed
Lauren Harney

Jan Taliento- Best Man
Tyler Mitchell- Best Man
Austin Mehlhorn (made the guestbook paddles)
Richard Pierce
Sean Machin