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Portland Pottery Cafe | Engagement Session

Portland Pottery Cafe | Portland, ME

Shawn & Scarlett | HAPPY ENGAGEMENT! 

What a treat it was to spend my afternoon in the Portland Pottery Cafe with two lovebirds alongside warm hot cocoa and freshly baked goods! The cafe is owned and operated by Scarlett's Aunt & Uncle so naturally we all felt right at home! In the middle of all the beautifully handmade pottery and the smell of warm blueberry muffins was the love between two college sweethearts! We had a great time laughing over the goofiness and play these two naturally come by as a couple. Scarlett ordered the most delicious cup of hot cocoa I had ever seen- they roast the giant marshmallow right in front of you! I spotted an old sign displayed above all the pottery supplies in the back! Scarlett informed me the Bruni's Market sign was her great grandfather's old meat market from the 1940's! He used to run a meat and grocery store located in the same place the pottery cafe now resides! How neat! So we captured some images in front of that- of course! My favorite one is where Shawn is casually playing with Scarlett's hair-how adorable is that?! I found all of these family ties very inspiring to photograph.
After we filled our bellies and warmed up we headed to the ocean view! Scarlett's idea to wear matching Patriots Jerseys was a great one- however Shawn fell short of this idea....but we got him to wear it! :) And how awesome it was! The winter air had quite the bite on our cheeks but we didn't mind it a bit! We had a blast! I look forward to Shawn & Scarlett's wedding this summer- these two keep me on my toes and always smiling! Thanks for the laughs and love you two!