Jenny + Leo are married!

Jenny + Leo
The Barn at Flanagan Farm
September 14, 2019

Jenny and Leo were so very sweet, attentive and loving- such a joy to meet. The way Leo lit up (and teared up ;) ) when Jenny walked down the aisle was like he had been waiting the entire day to hug her and tell her he loved her. Jenny had so much love for Leo. She talked about him all morning when we arrived- how Leo bought her new perfume and how handsome she knew he was going to look. A couple of the bridesmaids told me how close they were and how awesome their entire family was. Right away I knew we were in for a special day with everyone.

Jenny’s mom surprised her with a gorgeous bracelet that morning- simple yet very elegant- perfect for Jenny’s look. Mom stayed close by throughout the day- I could tell the two of them shared more than a mother/daughter relationship but also a friendship. :)

Jenny’s dress was hung perfectly, in the coolest room we’ve seen all year, with accessories set out and ready for us to capture. Her gown was magnificent- a perfect gown- so elegant and detailed. It had subtle lace to compliment her jewels and fit her like a glove. The venue delivered perfect light in every room making all photos captured- easy. In fact, the entire day was easy. Between the natural chemistry between Jenny and Leo, the entire wedding party being the most helpful and kind, to welcoming family members and overall a very pleasing spot to photograph.

The rain hit as soon as it was time for formal portraits. But that didn’t stop us! Turns out, some drizzle can be amazingly gorgeous light! Not to mention, the umbrella added a fun creative piece to the images. I could have photographed Jenny all day-she has such natural beauty.
The rain came and went throughout the day and it never phased the couple. Both Jenny and Leo had a very calm presence- they were at ease marrying their best friend.

Shoutout to bridesmaid + bestie to the bride, Bryanne Lovell, for making the bouquets and floral arrangements! WOW! I LOVED the style & unique look.

First look with Dad!
Always a favorite!
Jenny’s father, William, was so anxious to see his daughter- he asked me if we could do a first look & of course I was over the moon to do so.
It was very apparent the two of them shared a very close and loving bond- always special to photograph.
Tears and laughter was shared between the two before walking down the aisle.

Also. PEARS! How super cool it was to find pear trees on the grounds!

The ceremony was heartfelt, personalized and very much tailored to Jenny & Leo. The couple wrote their own vows- making us all laugh and cry then laugh and cry some more. They filled an hourglass with sand from places the closest to them. This special touch gave the guests a chance to connect and be a part of the couple’s most intimate moments during the ceremony.

After rings were exchanged, the first kiss was had and the two were announced husband and wife, a song broke out for Jenny and Leo to bust a move! The couple stood in place dancing and laughing before gliding down the aisle hand-in-hand filled with joy and excitement!

Family photos!
Wedding party photos!

The best part- formals with the happy couple! :)
Jenny & Leo couldn't have been easier to photograph! The two have natural chemistry, sincere smiles and happiness. They have so much joy in one another’s presence and overall a true connection.
I felt so blessed having the honor of photographing these two wonderful humans.

Dear Jenny + Leo,

May you always keep your friendship close to your hearts, the laughter constant and the encouragement for each other to stand alone with goals and dreams.
Your goals and dreams will always align, so long as you have the true connection I saw on September 14th.
I wish you all good things-
courage and strength-
and never ending dancing.

So much love,


Reception time!
The decor, the food, the lighting, the music and overall the entire atmosphere was perfect. It’s as if Jenny & Leo had thought of everything for their friends and family to have the best time! The wedding party was lively with entrances and the parents were having the time of their lives- so proud.

William, father of the bride, opened the reception with an extremely hilarious, heartfelt and welcoming speech. He started off “warning'“ us all that he occasionally has a little allergy that makes his eyes leak sometimes. ;) William said that from the moment he and his family met Leo they loved him. In fact, William said Leo charmed them at hello! He complimented his daughter on her character and told her how proud he and her mother was of her. He ended with wishing them many, many happy years!

MOH and sister of the bride, Natalie, spoke of being the younger sister growing up idolizing Jenny. She spoke about how she’s watched and admired how Jenny has accomplished so many goals with hard work and intelligence. Natalie said she thought it would never be possible for Jenny to find someone as equally compassionate, generous and fun loving as Jenny- until she met Leo. She had us all laughing with stories of Jenny “fighting furniture” to stick up for her and her clumsy ways. Such a great sister speech- love & humor!

Best Man and brother of the groom, Maxwell, spoke of growing up together doing crazy, fun things to now both being married men holding hands with their wives with the same positive outlooks. Maxwell told the couple that the two of them together has always felt right! He ended with telling Jenny and Leo that it’s been a pleasure watching their relationship grow into a promising future of tomorrow.

The night went into full swing with dancing and celebration!

So much love surrounded by Jenny & Leo!

All good things- cheers to you all!


Florals by: Bryanne Lovell
DJ: Robert Akers of DJ WBOB (
Officiant: Michele Coyne
Caterer: The Pantry Cafe
Cake by: Bakeosaurus (Jennifer Langdon)
Dress: Andrea’s Bridal in Portland, ME
Makeup+hair by: Bangor Hair Co.


Parents of the bride: Susan + William Freeman
Parents of the groom: Hedy + John Stinchfield
Father of the groom: Edward Langdon
MOH + sister of the bride: Natalie Freeman
Bridesmaids: Marina Langdon (sister of the groom), Alyssa Fastnacht, Savanna Ford, Anna Corridan
+ Bryanne Lovell
Best Man + brother of the groom: Maxwell Langdon
Groomsmen: Will Freeman (brother of the bride), Aaron Adams, Ritter Bopp, Tj Ladd
+ Cory Parks